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One year Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) - Tribhuvan University

One year B.Ed. Programme of Tribhuvan University is designed to prepare trained teachers for teaching at secondary level of school education in Nepal. Graduates and post-graduates are eligible for enrollment in this programme.

Teachers are professional practitioners that require a subject matters knowledge, pedagogical knowledge and skills, and competence to implement the specific knowledge and skills in specific contexts of teaching.

One year B.Ed course intends to acquaint the students with the fundamental knowledge of education, innovation in teaching, school and society, education and social policy and education and philosophy. Moreover, it provides information regarding development of education in Nepal, the major recommendations of the education commissions and contributions of programmes to shape the education system in Nepal.

Prospective candidates with Bachelor's Degree should have gained content knowledge in different subjects such as English, Nepali, Mathematics, Science, Health, Economic, Geography, Population, History, Political Science etc. This programme basically focuses on pedagogical knowledge and methodological skills required to teach specific subject at secondary level.

General Objective

The general objective of this course is as follows
  • To provide the students with deeper and broader understanding of fundamentals of education and teaching.
  • To provide the students with in-depth knowledge on different schools of philosophy.
  • To develop the understanding of sociological foundation of education among students.
  • To acquaint the students with the development of education in Nepal.
  • To make the students familiar with the contribution of different education commissions plans and programmes to the development of education in Nepal.