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ODL Program

Open and Distance Education Centre (ODEC, TU) established in 2015, is a constituent independent academic organization of Tribhuvan University. The aim of ODEC is to provide access to quality higher education to mass people in Nepal through open and distance learning mode. It provides opportunity for gaining higher education in all subjects offered by Tribhuvan University in open and distance learning mode of education. Adults who are interested and compelled to upgrade academic qualification without quitting jobs/profession and are unable due to different reasons to come to conventional programme for higher education are the target group of this programme. It can also work as outreach program to address the learning needs of the potential students. Moreover, ODEC will provide technical and pedagogical support to integrate e-learning components in conventional programmes of TU to make a hybridized system to increase learning opportunity to higher education.

Method of instruction

The methods of the teaching will be the combination of several approaches. Virtual class lectures, face to face interaction, classes through the technologies, case analysis, problem solving, practical experience and field work approaches will be used as different techniques of giving instruction in the course so that students will be able to develop abilities for self-learning , problem solving, critical thinking and use new technologies.

Attendance and Evaluation System

  • Minimum engagement in Moodle platform in accordance with the university regulation is required in each subject in order to be eligible for the final examination.
  • Each student must appear in and pass all those examinations in order to qualify for the given degree
  • The evaluation procedures for practical course will be specified by the centre.