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Bachelor of Information and Communication Technology (BICT)

Bachelors of Information and Communication Technology (BICT) is a course that provides the understanding of computing technology and competency to create innovative solution for the people and organization. It helps to specialize in data storage, software development, information system, telecommunication and networks. This course helps to gain hands-on experience through a professional ICT Internship.

Bachelors of Information and Communication Technology (BICT) is a 4 year (8 semesters) graduation honors degree program, which aims to provide students a broad range of aspects of ICT. Besides, it aims to graduate students with all required academic knowledge and skills in a variety of key areas of ICT for a lifelong career.

BICT has been designed to develop ICT professionals who are confident, creative and innovative familiar with the needs, methods and attitudes of business and society. This program aims to provide ICT graduates with the skills and knowledge to take on appropriate professional positions in industry upon graduation and grow into leadership positions, achieve entrepreneurial ambition, or pursue research and post graduate studies in ICT

The program well suits the students who seek to acquire knowledge and skills needed in planning, developing, implementing and managing IT-based systems. The program well suits the students whose focuses are also on the management and information theory of ICT concepts. Technically, BICT students will benefit from the exposure given in the real working environment they experience during the industrial training conducted in selected organization.


The students willing to join the program must have successfully completed the higher secondary or equivalent education from a reputed educational institution in any discipline.

Job prospectus

On successful completion of the program, the students may choose to be an entrepreneur (Self-Employment) or managing professionals in established institutions in promising areas as:

  • Software Programmer
  • System Analyst
  • System & Network Administrator
  • Database Administrator
  • IT Manager
  • Web Developer
  • MIS Manager
  • IT Entrepreneur